Training Philosophy


Here at ÜberDog we realize that there are many options you have as to where and how you can train your dog.  What makes ÜberDog stand apart from the others is the training methods and techniques we use. ÜberDog is an exclusively positive reinforcement training company. The training techniques that are used here are not based on an opinion formed while training our own dogs nor are they methods that we believe work best from the various training techniques that are in use. They are instead methods that are based on scientific facts and principles. These methods are the standard of the world’s best animal trainers, both captive and domestic.

As stated above, ÜberDog is a positive reinforcement only training company. So what this means to you is a better, healthier and stronger relationship with your dog!  Since dogs are associative learners they only repeat behaviors that are rewarding to them. All this means is that the more good and appropriate behaviors they are rewarded for, the less of a chance that the dog will opt to engage in a bad or inappropriate behavior.

Positive reinforcement training creates a fun learning environment, an eager learner, opens the lines of communication between dog and human and best of all creates a wonderful trusting bond between the two.  Make training your dog something that you both look forward to and enjoy!


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