Crate Games

This workshop is a short 30 minute workshop in which I help you and your dog begin to master the crate. The goal is that your dog will be able to go into his or her crate comfortably and be able to relax once the door is closed. Crate training is not only just for potty training, it can be used for impulse control, to build drive and give a dog confidence. Also if you plan on doing any sort of dog sport then you will most likely need to use a crate at some point, since most dog sports require dogs to be in crates between turns.                                                                                         

 Additional Benefits of Crates include:

  • Crate training is the quickest and easiest way to potty train a dog.
  • Crates provide a safe environment for dogs to acclimate to their surroundings.
  • Crates help teach self-control and impulse control to a very “active” dog.
  • Crates help build confidence for a shy dog.
  • Crates can be used to build drive for training a sport dog.
  • Crates are a requirement of the canine sports world.
  • Crates are wonderful management tools.
  • Crates allow owners to relax and focus on other duties.
  • Crates are a useful method to help keep canine cortisol levels low for better learning.
  • Crates allow the dog to rest and absorb information between training intervals.
  • Crates give the handler more chances to reward calm, relaxed behavior.
  • In the event of an emergency, crates provide a ready method for control of a canine, whether during transportation (emergency evacuation) or during an overnight stay at a vet’s office.


Grooming Workshop

In this 30 minute mini-workshop we will teach you how to help your dog be more comfortable with a variety of handling situations such as nail trimming, teeth brushing or just being on a grooming/exam table. We will show you how to safely and systematically desensitize your dog to a variety of handling procedures.

Your groomer and vet will love you for doing this!