Rewarding Rover &

UberDog Dynamic Pet Training host


Official NACSW™ 

NW3, NW2 Trials

February 3-4, 2023


TRIAL LOCATION: Stonebrooke Church 145 Hannalei Dr, Vista, CA 92083

It is not appropriate to contact or visit the trial location prior to the trial date, nor should training take place on trial grounds once an event is approved/announced. Our locations are real life search environments where people work, go to school, etc. Pre-trial contact or visits risk the host losing the opportunity to use the location again in the future.


Trial Host:
Anita Cheesman/Rewarding Rover and Jessica Koester/Uber Dog


NW3: Friday, February  3, 2023

NW3: Saturday, February 4, 2023

Certifying Official: Laura Busch & Laura Tokar

Judges: Pete Stevens & Chris Busch

Trial Entry can be found here


All trial related questions, contact Anita Cheesman,