UberDog Dynamic Pet Training hosts

National Association of Canine Scent Work, LLC®


Odors: Birch, Anise, Clove

Saturday, October 20, 2018


Elk’s Lodge

2430 S Escondido Blvd, Escondido CA 92025


Test will be held in the Elk’s Lodge Club building. Flooring carpet and wood; parking area is paved blacktop with close parking for handicap. Entire area is flat with no stairs and is handicap accessible.

Entries close October 13, 2018 at 6:00 pm or when entry limits have been met.

Entries are LIMITED to 100 tests, $35 per odor.

Once entry limits have been met, teams will be placed on a waitlist.

Test Site Hours: 7:45 am to 4 pm. First dog on the line at 9am, briefing at 830am.


Odors Tested

Clove, Anise, Birch (run in this order)

Test Secretary

Jessica Koester, 1702 Tamarme Terrace Escondido CA 92025; jessica@uber-dog.com


Animal Urgent Care

2430 S Escondido Blvd Escondido CA 92025

(next door to Elk’s Lodge)

Test Site Information

Parking will be on the lot to the side of Elk’s Lodge. Potty area is the grassy area in the front of the building. This is a medium/large area, but please be considerate of other exhibitors. There are plastic bags and a trash can in the potty area, please clean up after your dog. Crating will be in cars; please bring all appropriate items for car crating and for the weather. Staging will be in the front of the building near the check in table.

All dogs must be on a 6’ leash at all times when not being tested. No flexi-leashes for walking dogs on test site grounds; flexis may be used in the test itself.

Entry Requirements

The handler of the dog must be a current member of the NACSW™. The Dog must be registered with the NACSW™. For information on how to register or become a member go to www.NACSW.net

Trial Eligibility and ORTs

An ORT must be taken and passed at least 14 days before a trial opening date to be eligible for the first draw period.

Entry Fee and Second Dog Policy

– $35 for the first entry of a dog; $35 for each additional odor tested. Handlers may enter up 1 dog per odor tested.

– Closing Date Oct. 13, 2018.

Refund Policy

Cancellations received before Oct 1, 2018 with be given a full refund minus a $10 dollar administrative fee . No refunds for cancellations after October 1, 2018. Cancellation date is before closing date.

ENTRY FEES shall not be refunded in the event that a dog is absent, disqualified, or excused by the NACSW™ official or judge.

Video/Photography Policy

ORT participants are allowed to have a friend or family member video/photograph their test. ORT participants are not allowed to video/photograph one another. ORT hosts are not obligated to provide someone to video/photograph.

ADA Requests

If you are an individual with a disability and would like to request accommodation(s), please email ADA@nacsw.net Please include your name, ORT date, ORT host name, and your requested accommodation(s)


Directions to Test Site

From South on 15: Take 15 N to exit 28 for Centre City Pwky/S Centre City Pkwy. Turn right onto W Citracado Pkwy. Turn left onto S. Escondido Blvd. Take your second right into the Elk’s Lodge Parking lot.

From North on 15: Take 15 S to exit 29 toward Felicita Rd. Turn Left onto Gamble Ln (signs for Felicita Rd) and stay straight to continue onto W. Citrcado Pwky. Turn left onto S. Escondido Blvd. Take your second right into the Elk’s Lodge Parking Lot.



These hotels are located close to the ORT site and are Pet Friendly. Please take responsibity for your pet’s behavior so the hotels continue to be pet friendly.  Pet fees and restrictions may apply. Please call ahead to verify that your dog is welcome.


Best Western Escondido Hotel – 1700 7 Oaks Rd Escondido, CA 92026……..760-740-1700

Staybridge Suites San Diego – Rancho Bernardo Area – 11855 Avenue of Industry, San Diego, CA 92128 ……..858-487-0900

   Escondido Lodge – Escondido -2650 S. Escondido Blvd  Escondido, CA 92025……..760-743-9733


TEST Information – Notice to Exhibitors

THE TEST SITE will be open from 7:45 am (check in) to 4 pm (end time)

CHECK-IN/HANDLER BRIEFING Details regarding check in time and briefing will be sent approximately 1 week before the ORT.

An ORT must be taken and passed at least 14 days before a trial opening date to be eligible for the first draw period.


During the odor re-sets, the official results sheet will be brought out to the parking area for testers to photo or review. We recommend you verify your results on the official results sheet and let your host or judge know if you have any questions regarding your results.

NO SPECTATORS ARE PERMITTED IN THE SEARCH AREA during the ORT except NACSW™ officials, adults accompanying a minor, CNWI-in-training, or immediate family members/friends of the dog/handler team currently being tested.


  • RETURNED CHECKS do not constitute a valid entry fee. . A charge of $25.00 will be made for each returned check.
  • ENTRY IS ONLINE at uber-dog.com under the events tab.
  • OWNERS are responsible for errors in making out entry forms.

DOGS PRESENT will not be permitted to roam. Exhibitors are responsible for the behavior of their dogs. The owner of each dog is solely responsible for having it ready when it is to be judged. Be prepared to keep your dog in your car when not being tested or on leash at all times.

There is no inside crating at this test.

FEMALES IN SEASON – Contact your test host at least 1 day before the ORT if this becomes a possibility

DOGS PARTICIPATING in ORT must be at least six months of age and must appear to be healthy on trial day and should be current on all vaccinations required by law.

Acknowledgement of entry acceptance/CONFIRMATION will be made when entries are processed for those handlers to the provided an email address given on the entry form.

BASIC DESCRIPTION OF TEST – to successfully pass an ORT a dog must identify the location of the target odor and the handler must correctly call an “alert” within a three-minute time period. The Odor Recognition Test consists of a drill type exercise which requires 12 closed boxes set up in a pattern of one or two rows, spaced a minimum of 48” apart. The ORT is conducted on leash. Complete information can be obtained on the NACSW™ website.

All exhibitors should obtain and review a copy of the NACSW™K9 NOSE WORK® RULE BOOK. You may get it from their website: www.NACSW.net

Waitlist and Volunteer Registration are now closed

NOTE TO WAITLIST COMPETITORS: If you enter yourself and your dog onto our waitlist please note that if a spot becomes available it will go to the team on the top of the waitlist and continue to move down from there. Payment will be collected once you are notified of an open spot to compete.